Toraja Secure Network Box


Toraja Secure Internet Box, combining open source OpenWrt ( operating system with Raspberry Pi (, is a tool in a box for those who want to protect their privacy on the Internet when using public WiFi networks. Users simply connect the box to a computer or laptop, then the Internet network secured with a customizable virtual private network (VPN). Operating and managing the application is relatively easy, since it already has web-based dashboard.

SSH Server is included in this box, so you can access the terminal. If you open an SSH server connections to the Internet, then you can access it remotely. Then using SSH tunneling, you will be able to secure your Internet access with an encrypted connection. As a result, you are relatively more secure to perform activities on the Internet using a public WiFi. You also can set the desired VPN network in this box. In addition, this box also allows you to set up a wireless network for guests separate from your main network for security purposes.

Hacked by: @ontamesir @frenavit. Contact: thebox[at]

Please download the Toraja iso for Raspberry Pi.

What is Toraja actually?